Invest in a young girl and she becomes a great woman!

WHAT is the project?

Women’s Work Foundation is  an empowerment organization for women and girls. Our purpose is to advance access to quality education, promote optimal health, and serve as a resource for wealth development. Women’s Work is embarking on a project that we believe will have an impact on communities locally, nationally and globally. The Social Impact Scholar (SISta) Program is a 5-day, “extreme” leadership skill-building and community intervention project for 15 teenage girls from traditionally marginalized communities. The program is designed to mentor the group of young women through the development and execution of a self-designed intervention project that will address a health issue in their community.


WHERE is the passion?

Who in this world has made it without any help? Most of us have had a teacher, coach,  friend, sister or neighbor that has taken an interest in us and challenged us to be successful. Women’s Work is driven by three women who have all faced amazing obstacles in their own lives but believe that the common thread to their success has been guidance from someone who cared enough to support their dreams and show them the way. These experiences have led us to become passionate social change agents, found Women’s Work, and be fiercely committed to enhancing the lives of young women for over eight years.  By supporting Women’s Work Foundation and the Social Impact Scholars Program, you become part of  a mission to inspire young women to transform themselves and transform the world!


WHO would agree?

Oprah Winfrey – Media Mogul & Philanthropist

“A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself. A mentor is someone who allows you to know that no matter how dark the night, in the morning joy will come. A mentor is someone who allows you to see the higher part of yourself when sometimes it becomes hidden to your own view.”

Gwen Ifill – Journalist, Newscaster &  Author

“Along the way at these corners that you turn in life, there are people, if you’re fortunate, who can nudge you in a direction, or urge you to be courageous, and that, to me, is the essence of what mentoring is.”

Michelle Obama – Lawyer &  First Lady of the United States

“There are kids like me and Barack who grew up in modest circumstances, who didn’t have access to a whole lot of resources or power or networking. But one thing that we did have were parents who cared about us, a few people in our lives who really took an interest, people who really wanted us to flourish.”


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